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Car 2005 Acura RL

Car 2005 Acura RL - Before driving a car wheel last year so, if left, is therefore past. This is the automotive equivalent of celebrities dabbling in Kabbalah. All are rear - or all-wheel-drive, so get on the train or be left behind in Evan Marriott city.

Well, no, not really. For those who live in areas where roads helado-sober, there are many options of sedan FWD hold the best traction in a material sliding rear-wheel drive that weigh and cost less than AWD. But there is an unfounded consumer perception, perpetuated by the passionate, publications that luxury and traction vehicles are diametrically opposed. It is true that it is a question of physics back of four-wheel drive vehicles and handle all-wheel-drive curves heavier front-wheel drive cars, but not all luxury cars should be sport machines. However, consumers often choose back more favorably revised luxury - or all-wheel-drive vehicles and if you do not play on the field is in danger of losing sales.

As such, this traction, Honda, unconditional happening in its luxury division Acura, a new RL 2005 standard all-wheel-drive sedan. Acura RL (SH - AWD) presented at the New York Auto Show 2004 in which verified format Acura prototype, super All-Wheel-Drive System Management 2005 distributes torque not only between the front and rear wheels, but also left and right wheels. Acura boasts of being the first to propose this system. "Wait a second," said indignantly, "Not the ATTESA E - TS on the Nissan Skyline GT - R State doing this for years?" Well, Yes, but this system can lead to pair of the wheel with the least traction. You can add power to the wheel with more traction as the SH - AWD system. A point for Acura.

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